The best man and ushers play crucial roles in a smooth running wedding.

What is a best man?

He is the grooms right-hand man, he should be reliable, smart and a brilliant public speaker.

What does he do before the wedding?

He organises the stag do, preferably in consultation with the groom rather than springing any surprises. He should stay tuned with updates so that he can step in at anytime to help.

What dos the best man do on the big day?

He helps calm the grooms nerves. Being a huge support is the main role on the big day.

Who are the ushers and what are their duties?

By contrast they have it easy and are usually close relatives and friends. They are in charge of seating guests correctly and making sure everything is executed as the couple have requested.



Handy tips to help a nervous groom get through his big day.

  1. Clean your shoes

Ensure all polish is removed to avoid marking your brides dress.

  1. Keep some water handy

Just in case your mouth gets dry when you see the bride you don’t want to faint!

  1. Avoid the hotel steam iron

It is bound to dump rust all over your lovely Ottavio shirt.

  1. Practice your speech

It is so much easier if you are word for word perfect.

  1. Keep Calm

Everyone gets nervous. Chat to your best man to calm your nerves.

  1. Look after your mother and mother-in-law

After all, this is one the happiest day of her life too.

  1. Look after your bride

This is fundamental, the golden rule. Do everything within your power to ensure that she is happy and smiling at all times.

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