Here are just a few brilliant ways you can save on your wedding day 🙂



Start planning early

The earlier you book venues, caterers, and florists, the better. It helps if you’re able to be flexible with at least one aspect of the wedding, whether it’s the date or the location, so you can take advantage of off-season pricing

Choose the venue carefully

Choosing the right venue can save thousands of dollars above and beyond the price of the venue itself. An outdoor venue, or somewhere that already has a distinct atmosphere, will save lots on decorations. Restaurants that already have tables and linens and place settings will save lots on rentals.

Keep the guest list in check

Since almost every wedding cost is calculated per-person, keeping your guest list low is the best way to stay within your budget. To avoid conflicts, eliminating whole categories of guests (children, coworkers, etc.) is an effective way to manage.

 Pick your priorities and splurge on them

Whether it’s entertainment, a great photographer, certain food or a particular venue, if you decide early on which element is most important to you, you can tailor the rest of your budget to make sure you get that one thing right.

Avoid Saturdays

Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, so they are also the most expensive for venues and vendors. Having a Friday or Sunday wedding can end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Shop the sales

You don’t have to get bargain bin items to save money on the dress. Many designers have sample sales in major cities where you can buy their most popular styles for up to 70% off.



Think beyond the traditional tiara, shoes and bracelets and take your wedding accessories to the next level with these cool, contemporary ideas…

Birdcage veilBirdcage veil

When you think of a wedding veil, you’re probably thinking of a long, tulle number – so what if you don’t like the idea of a traditional veil but want to wear a bridal headpiece? The birdcage veil might be for you!


trainersCringing at the idea of wearing skyscraper stilettos on your wedding day? Then don’t! Heels aren’t a wedding essential, and if you’re the kind of girl who spends all her time in her favourite comfy Converse.


parasolIf you’re marrying in the summer and it looks like you’re going to have a heatwave on the big day – or you’re lucky enough to be getting married abroad – why not consider a wedding parasol?


If you think your face doesn’t look like your own without glasses, then please wear them on your wedding day! Many brides choose to get contacts for the day, or even go without and risk blurry eyesight than ‘spoil’ their bridal ensemble with specs, but the last thing you want is to look back on your wedding photos and not recognise yourself.


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The three-tier wedding cake covered in cream-cheese icing had leaves rimmed around the base of each layer, in addition to decorating the top. The cake was filled with lemon, banana and carrot-cake flavors.