Anniversary or birthday coming up? Treat her and make her feel like the most special girl in the world. Some of these gifts are slightly peculiar but we promise here at Ottavio Nuccio Gala UK that she will love them.


  1. Thoughtful photo album

Put together some old snaps and make her remember all the good times you have shared.

  1. Anything on pinterest

Pinterest is everything, if you are looking for unique gifts go on there and find something for her.

  1. Concerts together

Is Beyoncé in town? BOOK THE TICKETS NOW. Well, even if Beyoncé isn’t in town, get out the house and go to a performance.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is where you kind beautiful unique handcrafted gifts. Marketing Director Sanaz Bahador bought lots for her wedding on Etsy and would really recommend it.

  1. Mix cd

Sounds old school, but nothing is better than a mixed cd of all your shared loved tunes. It will get her thinking about the good times.

  1. Fashionable gloves

Meh, sounds weird but gloves are so in style these days. Get her a pair that she can wear whilst driving so she can feel like the classiest lady in the world.

  1. Groupon

It is not cheap, it is a surprise. Groupon do an array of surprise trips for under £300 for two people – GO!

  1. Surprise visit

If she lives in another city or is working abroad, go and visit her. She will love it.

  1. A kitten, or any other cute pet

Be sure she likes animals before you go and buy her one, because it will be pretty awkward if she hates cats.

  1. Amazon list

The amazon list, every woman – actually no – everyone has an amazon list. Ask her for her account details pretending you want to buy something and buy all the things for her that are on her wish list. Remember to check out with your card though.


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