Traditions revolved around weddings have formed and been cemented, but as time has gone on, it looks like more couples are willing to break the rules. So we’ve got 10 of the wedding rules it’s completely okay for you to break…


The brides family pays the bill

However much the groom might be nodding his head at this tradition, it’s not something that is done so much anymore. Couples have become more independent in creating and sticking to a wedding budget that is entirely from their own purses, with maybe a little help from the parents on both sides sometimes.  Nicely spreading out the cheque book-related stress throughout the family might spare the bride’s mum and dad a few sleepless nights and heart palpitations…

Choosing that white gown

When you think bride, it’s totally normal to think of a traditional-looking, A-line, white dress. Admit it! But now designers are ranging the styles in their collection to suit all types of brides – from traditional to more quirky looks – which is something we LOVE. Don’t think it’s all about the colour white, or all about the dress hem hitting the floor, because it’s just not. Nowadays, it’s all about finding a dress that suits you and your personality, no matter what colour, length, pattern, style… anything!

Matching maids

Once you’ve picked your bridesmaids doesn’t mean you just have to pick ONE dress. In fact, a huge trend for 2015  is mismatched bridesmaids. This way you can suit each of your girls’ styles and personalities with what they wear, rather than them all conforming to the same look. And same goes for an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Unless you’ve got compulsive tendencies towards symmetry, mix up your bridal party!



You’ve spent forever planning the perfect day and in a whirlwind of friends, family, dancing, and a little too much champagne, it’s suddenly over. Before you know it, you’re preparing for a few days of pure bliss with your loved one!


Mix and match

A good rule of thumb is to stick to a sensible ratio of 80% classics and 20% standout items. Your classics should be easily matched with each other so you have plenty of options to play with.

It’s all in the detail

Lookout for items that can be easily dressed up or down in order to be worn from 8am to 8pm and beyond.

Room for romance

Treat yourself to some brand new, beautiful underwear especially for your honeymoon – After all, it’s the most romantic holiday.